Education Celebration is Raising Bucks for Bobcats

EDUCATION CELEBRATION / BUCKS for BOBCATS (formerly Race for Education)

We are raising Bucks for Bobcats and planning for our Education Celebration, to be held on Monday, November 7th, during the school day on school grounds.

Bucks For Bobcats

We ask each family to help the PTO raise money by mailing or emailing letters to sponsors asking them to contribute a tax-deductible donation on their behalf. No magazines, candy bars, or candles to sell – just simple tax-deductible donations.

All money raised this school year is SPENT this school year. Donations go directly toward enhancing and improving our school – including a grant for every teacher!

Fundraising packets were sent home – one per family, via youngest child.  If you did not get a packet, please email us!  Please return packets ASAP – mail letters yourself or send them to us if you can’t find a stamp.  Your generosity makes our school the best it can possibly be.  Thank you for your support and quick turnaround. 




Monday, November 7 : Education Celebration
We need a few parents to help out.  Sign up HERE

Grades 2/3 – 8:55 – 9:40
Grades K/1 – 9:50 – 10:35
Grades 4/5 – 11:10 – 11:45
Middle School – 11:50 – 12:40

 Any questions? Email us.



Barnes & Noble Book Fair at Christiana Mall!

Join us for activities, events and prizes at the Book Fair kickoff event on November 10, 2016 from 5-8 p.m.brandywine-springs-updated-fall-2016-bookfair-barcode

The Book Fair will run from November 10-16.

Event Flyer

Sign up here to help out!



The Student Government Association presents Socktober!!!

Monday, October 17 – Friday, October 28

What is it? A two-week long sock drive!

Why? Socks are the most needed piece of clothing but least donated article of clothing in homeless shelters.  We should help people in our communities!

How can you help? Get new socks.  Ask your friends, family, neighbors.  ASK EVERYONE for socks.  Bring in NEW socks, put them in the baskets in the hallways or BSS’s front lobby!  BAM – you’ve just helped someone in our communities!

Our Goal: 250 new pairs of socks!

Let’s do this BSS!


Check out the new library!!!

We had a great turnout at the first PTO meeting of the year!  We also had some special guests from Red Clay to assist in the ribbon cutting for the new library!  Thanks to everyone who came out!

Don’t forget to check out the new library as you are buying books at the Bookanier Book Fair and attending our Fall Family Fun Night on October 13!  Sign up here and here!!!

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Please take a minute to navigate the website, sign up to join the PTO, complete the Directory form, sign up to volunteer, see a list of current committees/positions and get information on how you can help the school by participating in PTO-driven activities and fundraisers.

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Middle School Fall Sports Info!!!



2016-17 Supply Lists

imagesAre you ready for school?  Our teachers sure are!

Kindergarten Supply List

First grade supply list

Second Grade Supply List

Third Grade Supply List

Fourth Grade Supply List

Fifth grade supply list

Sixth Grade Supply List

Seventh Grade Supply List

Eighth Grade Supply List



Great Schools Clean Streams

Thank you to all who pledged. BSS was awarded an honorable mention and $200. Thank you!



Teacher of the Year

toyCongratulations, Dr. Townsend on being named BSS Teacher of the Year!


PCAD presentation

Thank you, Prevent Child Abuse Delaware, for your informative presentation.  Please find the Power Point Presentation as well as the PCAD Brochure. For more information or to register for a training session visit, please visit their website.  PCAD will also be doing presentations to our K-2 graders this year.


Box Tops

BoxTopsBox Top Competition Dates are as follows:

Grades 3-5 will run from October 3rd-17th

Grades K-2 will run from December 5th-19th

Grades 6-8 will run from February 8th to the first winning class

Just clip the Box Tops from the products you already buy (and look for special offers at Acme and other stores) and send in your Box Tops during the competition dates.   If you are available to help count box tops at home, please e-mail Amy Saunders.


Smarter Balanced Results

The Department Of Education has released the Smarter Balanced Assessment Results.  Results are divided by State, District and School Performance.


School Store

The school store is now open for school year:  Mondays and Wednesdays 8:30-8:45


Reminder App Texts

Want reminders from school and your child’s specific grade/sport texted right to your phone? Sign up for the Reminder App.

Text 81010 and use the following codes:

Kindergarten @bsskinder
First Grade @bss1st
Second Grade @bss2nd
Third Grade @bss3rd
Fourth Grade @bss4th
Fifth Grade @bss5th
Sixth Grade @bss6
Seventh Grade @bss7
Eighth Grade @bss8
Whole School @bssallkids
Sports @bsssports


Smarter Balance

Curious about the new state wide testing?  Visit RCCSD’s smarter balance_ParentQA section for more information.


Welcome BSS Families and Teachers!

Brandywine Springs Parent Teacher Organization (BSS PTO) welcomes all of our parents, guardians, and teachers to join us at our monthly meetings.   We hope you will join us in the fall!

In the meantime, here are some…PTO MYTHBUSTERS!

Myth:  The PTO is just for stay-at-home moms.

FACT:  The PTO is for everyone!  Our volunteers are mothers, fathers and those who fill those roles.  We have a wide range of volunteers who:  stay-at-home; work part-time to full-time; have little ones at home, preschoolers, high schoolers and/or college students; are continuing their own education; and more.

Myth:  The PTO has all the help they need.

FACT:  The PTO welcomes everyone and continues to need volunteers for various events, fundraisers, and committees year-round.  We need you!

Myth:  Volunteering for the PTO takes too much time.

FACT:  Only YOU can decide how much time you can give.  Even if you can help at just one event or handle one task per year, it would be greatly appreciated.

Myth:  PTO volunteers need to be at the school during the day.

FACT:   Much of the PTO work can be done from home on your own schedule, or at events at night or weekends.  Yes, there is volunteering during the school day if you are able to do so.  But no one does it all, so choose what works best for you.

Myth:  The PTO has the same volunteers year after year and everyone knows each other. 

FACT:  While we are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who return, we also welcome new ones every year.  We do strike up friendships and enjoy getting to know one another.  Our volunteers range from Kindergarten to 8th grade parents, so it’s a great chance to get to know parents from other grades you may not have met otherwise.