Bravo, Bobcats!

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Bobcats Give Back
The BSS Service Club celebrated its 8th Annual MLK Day of Service by hosting a clothing Drive for the Friendship House/Clothing Bank of Delaware. Thank you, Dr.Townsend, for organizing such a great event. Our Bobcats even made Channel 10 News! Our students and families also conducted a book drive for Boxes for Books. These books will be shared with students in our building who don’t have many books at home and some for our teachers and reading specialists. Because our drive was so successful, we may have enough to share with other Red Clay schools.


Congrats to two groups from Ms. Szymanski’s 4th grade – one group won 2nd place and the other received an honorable mention for video projects in support of Read Across America day!  You can see their video here.

Math League update: Congratulations to the 7th and 8th grade Math League teams.   Both teams finished 2nd in the region and qualified for the State Championships in April!  In Meet #4 Ethan Lattomus led BSS 8th graders with 4 correct answers and he’ll be joined by Connor Bramhall, Chip Cross, Annabelle Ryu, and Alexis Zamores at the championship. Daniel Tortorella led the 7th graders in the final meet with 4 correct answers and he’ll be going to the championship with teammates Maddie Messer, Rae Fu, Riley Sullivan, and Riley Gates.

Charter Challenge: 28 students,five teams participated, two teams made the playoffs, one team came in 3rd place and six of our students placed in the top 15 of individual points. Henry Lindvall, Nathan Acevedo and Daniel Wallace received medals for being in the top 10 prior to the playoffs. 
Both BSS teams placed 2nd in their problems and are moving on to States in April!
atTAcK addiction 5k: Team Bobcats were out in force!

Congratulations to Mr. DeEmilio, BSS Teacher of the Year!  Thank you for all you do for our children!bss rmh mr d


The BSS Service Club, Alumni and Teachers visited the Ronald McDonald House Saturday to prepare some sweet treats for the residents.  What an amazing experience for all!


Great article by our own 7th grader , Maddie Messer, was published last year in the Washington Post, three NPR shows and Scholastic Jr.   She will also be presenting the research she did at the conference, GeekGirlCon, this month.   She is speaking at a second conference in Austin March as well.  Way to go, Maddie!  We are proud of you!


Congratulbss basketballations to the Boys Bobcat Basketball team. They are the 2015 Red Lion Basketball Tournament  Champions.  A Bobcat High Five to 8th grader, Devin Houston, for being selected as the BSS Tournament  MVP.

Sonia Saunders received a Distinguished Teaching Award from the Delaware Geographic Alliance. Sonia  teaches 5th grade and draws upon her broad background in environmental education and STEM, to  develop a geographic perspective in her district’s history-based curriculum.

  • Third graders, Ishaan Tayal, earned 1st place and Danford Mason was an honorable mention for the Disability History and Awareness Poster Contest.  Students received cash awards.  Students and parents enjoyed an awards ceremony luncheon in Dover with various state dignitaries.
  • Math League Update: The 7th grade Math League is currently in 1st  place in the region, which is comprised of six schools!  Chip Cross is in 2nd place with 11 correct answers and Connor Bramhall, Ethan Lattomus and Annabelle Ryu are all tied for 4th place with 7 correct answers.  The 8th grade Math League is currently 2nd place in the region! Ethan Ciarlo is in 2nd place with 10 correct answers and Elliott Ruebush is in 4th place with 7 correct answers.  The top 2 teams in the region are invited to compete in the State Invitational Meet and Awards Banquet held in April.

  • 2nd grader, Christina Pennias, and 6th grader, Justin Rigler, both placed 1st in the NCCFVA fire safety contest.  Christina won for her “How to Escape a Fire Safely” poster and Justin won for his “Outdoor Fire Safety” essay.  We couldn’t be prouder of these two!
  • Our 2014 Field Hockey Team has done it again!  RCCSD Middle School Champions two years in a row.  Way to go!


   On January 27, 2015, Nurse Becky King  was in Washington, as a Delaware delegate for the    National Association of School Nurses.   She visited our legislators while there to discuss issuesbobcat1 surrounding our school  children. This picture is with Scott Falin, who is the Legislative Correspondent to Senator Chris Coons. Scott is a former  Bobcat and was in the first graduating 5th grade class from Brandywine Springs! He went to Princeton University and now   lives and works in Washington.

Congratulations to Mrs. Foxwell and her students for winning the Delaware Chamber of Commerce’s Superstars in Education for their 7th Grade Business Networking Event.  We are so proud of you all!  It was an amazing event and all the kids worked so hard on the business plans and presentations.   Mrs. Foxwell received many accolades in response to not only her award but to the event itself:

  • I wanted to say congratulations on being a superstar in education!  My family agrees that you ARE a superstar!  Three days ago my older son had to write his first check!  He opened his own checking account in November when he started working.  He must’ve said 50 times how grateful he is to you for all he learned in your class!  He said your class was the most useful!  My younger son is learning so much and teaching us at home!  I can’t thank you enough for the life skills my boys will always use and know thanks to you!  You are a true example of a teacher who is in it to make your students succeed!  I also know that you adore every one of them!  You were there with kind remarks and support during a difficult time when he was in 7th grade and I knew then how totally awesome you are!  At graduation you cried!  That means a lot!!  He adores you and will never forget you and what you instilled in him!  He’s coming Thursday night hoping to see some teachers he misses.  Thank you again for being who you are and teaching our kids about life! ~Current Parent
  • Wow! I was truly in awe seeing our kids interacting with such confidence and enthusiasm. This Technology class has been differently a wonderful building block for our future leaders. Mrs. Foxwell you certainly have a brilliant way of teaching. Thank you!…Proud Parent of BSS              
  • The students were courteous, professional and knowledgeable.  Their business plans showed tremendous forethought.  I look forward to walking in to one of their businesses 15 years from now! ~Administrator at RCCSD
  • The Business Networking Event at BSS has become a must attend for me. I am so impressed with the work of the 7th grade students in the development of their business plans and the level of detail involved. Each year I have parents share that they wish they had a course like this in High School or College. As impressive as the business knowledge is the development of the student’s soft skills and how professionally they interact with adults during the event. Mrs. Foxwell is an extraordinary teacher and the Business Networking Event is a great demonstration of the student’s achievements.  We are very lucky to have you a part of Red Clay!  ~ Administrator at RCCSD
  • That is amazing!!  You truly make a difference in the lives of every student you teach.  There are not many people like you and I have been very lucky to work with you. ~ Administrator at RCCSD

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Two BSS teams are headed to the Odyssey of the Mind State Championships!





Congratulations to our very own Mrs. Armstrong, recognized as Red Clay Consolidated School District celebrated women in education.




Congratulations to our BSS Business Professionals of America 2015 State Leadership Conference Winners:bpa2

Extemporaneous Speech: 3rd Place Skylar Flynn

Business Communications 4th Place: Fernanda Argudo

Community Service Torch Award Winners: Fernanda Argudo, Haley Craft, Gracie Maher and Alex Streb


mm10The March Madness Basketball Tournament was an enormous success!  mm7Not only did we had over 50 students come out to play nearly 20 games of basketball but we  $669 and roughly 100 lbs of .  Thank you to those teachers that stayed to help with the teams or play in the half-time “teachers vs. students” games.  Special thanks to Mary MacAllister, Peter Kelly, Mark DeEmilio,  Nicky Igo-Perez, Deb Malvestuto, Barry Schechter, Theresa O’Connor and Michelle Swift for braving almost ten students vs. teachers games.  The kids loved it.  In all, we were able to raise almost $700 in cash donations and roughly 100 lbs. of food for the Food Bank of Delaware.  Thanks you everyone for making last night such a great event.  The kids and teachers had a great time.  Way to go, Bobcats!

Congratulations to the 2015 Bobcat Baseball Team for being crowned this year’s Red Clay School District Middle bss baseballSchool Champions!  The Bobcats finished the year 11-0 winning tonight’s championship game 6-0.  The team, led by Zach McCloskey, Brock Timmoms, Justin McGee, Andrew Hudson and Dylan Rees helped secure the shutout and cap-off an undefeated season.

Congrats, Bobcats!


Bobcats were spotted all over Old New Castle Feb 28th. Thanks to everyone who supported the Attack Addiction 5K.

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