Green School Team Update!

The Green School Team has some really great news!
First, a huge “Thank you!” and shout out to the Green School Team members that have joined me to make the following news possible!  Peter Kelly, Toni Marioni, Karen Walsh, Irene Hairston, Megan Anderson, Kathy Yacucci, Amy Archer, PTO.
Here is an update of the BSS Green School Program activities that have been happening in our school.
First to review, in the Green School Program, we are participating in three Green Pathways.  Each year, the intent is to take small steps to continue to build toward becoming and sustaining an eco-friendly campus.  The Energy, Schoolyard Habitat, and Healthy Lifestyles Pathways continue to be our focus this year.
1. Energy Pathway (Please see the attached flyer)
  • Family Energy Night Wednesday, April 3rd, 6:00-7:30 pm:  This will be a larger version of the 5th grade Energy Expo from last year.
2. Schoolyard Habitat
–   Biodiversity Project: Mrs. Saunders and  Ms. Marioni’s class are participating in a grant project   with Ashland Nature Center.  As a result of surveys and research, they found that there is a need for shelter in our schoolyard.  Mr. Bedford and Mr. Patel gave their permission for them to build and install bird nesting boxes.  They have been constructed and installed!  You can watch for activity in the inner courtyard, the outdoor classroom by the library, behind the trailers, and along the Delcastle Park tree line! 
–  Butterfly Garden: The Wildlife Habitat, in the inner courtyard, was a huge success last year! Monarchs, pollinators, birds, even ducks found it a welcoming, nourishing, and safe habitat.  Stay tuned for a new sensory garden and additional garden adventure spaces for the little ones!
– Author Visit: New Castle native, Stephanie Pzybelyk, nature photographer and DELMARVA ecosystem author, will be visiting the kindergarten and fifth grade classrooms this spring.
3. Healthy Lifestyles
–  Vegetable Garden: Irene Hairston had a successful garden and fruitful harvest this past year.  Can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for this year!
– Yoga:  Leslie continues her Yoga and peaceful centering to all those in her classes!
– After School Programs: Healthy Eating, Girls on the Run
– Keep Healthy Bulletin Boards: Thank you Nurse Archer!
– Broadcasting Team : “Clean Team”…. Wash your hands!  – Thank you Mr. Thomas!
Shout outs to:
  • Ms. Benkrowsky and the fourth grade had UD Energy Guests visit their classrooms!   Did you  know that energy from fruit can be converted into electricity? This UD team will return for the Family Energy Night! … a real treat for all! 
Thank you!
Green School Team 
Sonia Saunders
Peter Kelly
Karen Walsh
Toni Marioni
Irene Hairston
Megan Anderson
Mary MacAllister
Amy Archer
Kathy Yacucci

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